No Gym ! No Problem With Mass Buildo ?

It doesn’t matter where you work out, as long as you do it. Here are a few tips that will help to turn home into a gym.
Water Weights

Fill two empty plastic bottles with water to a weight you can handle and cap them. Do biceps curls, shoulder raises and other arm-slimming moves.

Pull up a Chair
Sit on the edge of a sturdy dining chair with your hands on the edge of the seat. To strengthen the triceps, move forward, lower yourself with your arms, bending at the elbows. Then stand in front of the chair and do squats (remember not to sit completely) for hamstrings and quadriceps.

Table Action
To firm your bottom, lie on the floor and place calves on at bale. Lift your hips off the floor while squeezing glutes.

Become a stair master
Walk or run up and down the building stairs eight to ten times to increase your heart rate.

Make a deal
Place 15 playing cards in front of you in a pile. To strengthen the legs, lunge towards each card, right foot in front, to pick up the cards. Repeat with left leg. Then tone your abs: — lie down with knees bent, cards in hands. Sit up, Contracting abs, until you can reach forward and place one card on the floor. Repeat this with all the cards.

Have a ball
Sit up, on the floor, knees bent at a 45 degree angle, and lean back slightly. Hold a football in front of you and move it from side to side, rotating your torso to target your obliques. Next, lie down, knees bent. Place the ball between the knees and squeeze to work your inner thighs.

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