Benefits of Weightlifting Among Women

Research proves that weightlifting twice a week for all adults is truly beneficial. But women are hesitant to lift weights fearing of becoming bulky or looking too masculine. However, this is not true.

Heavy Weights

Weightlifting encourages muscle mass both in men and women. There are several benefits of strength training for women to make you look healthier, happier and better.

Here are few reasons to prove that weight lifting encourages muscle growth and provides total health benefits to women.

Benefits of Weight Lifting

Prevents Muscle Atrophy

Symptoms of age-related muscle loss begin to show in your early 30s. This is commonly known as ‘Sarcopenia’. Symptoms are the weakness, fatigue, loss of stamina which can interfere with your daily routine. You also fall victim to host of health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and weight gain. Weight lifting or strength training helps to protect your muscles by slowing down the rate of muscle deterioration and keep you energetic.

Increase Bone Density

Women are prone to bone-related issues due to multiple reasons such as childbirth, lack of nourishing diet, obesity and ageing. Research shows that lifting the weight over a period of time strengthens the bone and increase bone density. It is also an excellent cure for osteoporosis. When the bones are stronger, fewer chances of occurrence of fracture and muscle tear.

Women Using Weights

Help to lose weight

You will be surprised to know that a weight reducing diet can on an average reduce 75 percent fat and 25 percent muscle mass. When you lose muscle mass, you are more likely to regain the weight loss and that makes you look unfit.  Muscle mass is essential for the bodily systems to function properly. If you are into lifting weights, you will be able to maintain a healthy muscle mass and as a result, torch unhealthy fat.

Burn More Calories

Strength training exercises boost your metabolism and your muscles need more energy to recover after every workout session. This means that you not only burn calories during the workout session but also post workout when the body is in the healing mode.


Give you a toned look

Famous Bollywood celebrities like Mandira Bedi and Tapsee Paanu flaunt a well-toned look that you dream of achieving. The well-sculpted look is due to the muscles. It is a myth woman carry that weight lifting and strength training regimes will give them a masculine and a bulky look. But the truth is that women do not have the same hormonal components that men contain and it is impossible for them to gain a lot of muscle mass.

Make you stronger

Once your body shows a positive image, you feel stronger and independent. Women are often considered as the weaker sex but not after you have gained muscle mass. You can carry various manly tasks yourself like- carrying heavy bags/suitcase, shifting sofa/furniture for cleaning purpose etc. Your mood also undergoes a complete transformation and you will find yourself happy and stress-free. The more fit you are, more stressful situations you can handle.

Women Using Weights

Hope the above blog is an eye-opener for many women who wish to undertake weight training. Be careful to learn through a trained trainer to minimize injuries.

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