It is easier to gain weight rather than to lose it but for some to gain weight may not be that simple. Such people are too thin and skinny in spite of gorging on a high-calorie diet like butter, sweets and deep-fried food. And this is the general mistake that most skinny people make. Though Read more about SUPER FOODS TO TONE MUSCLES[…]

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Freedom from feeble physique with Mass Buildo

Building muscle mass is the latest trend particularly among skinny youngsters, not to mention, to create a favorable impression among their social circle. In spite of consuming protein-rich diet, some individuals have extremely thin body. This is specifically due to a variety of reasons and face a lot of embarrassment due to it. There are Read more about Freedom from feeble physique with Mass Buildo[…]

Low Muscle Mass among Men : Factors responsible

One of the most important criteria today is Body Image for social acceptance and self-esteem. A lot of emphases is laid on weight, size, and appearance of the physique of a man. Those who are thin wish to add volume to their mass and flex it. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world’s greatest bodybuilder, has influenced quite Read more about Low Muscle Mass among Men : Factors responsible[…]

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All about Underweight. Part 1 or 3.

The word “underweight” is used to depict the human-body weight if underneath the normal weight. While being underweight has many emotional and stress related consequences for any average person, the root cause of underweight is in malfunctioning of your body. One of the common methods to define Underweight is through “Body Mass Index (BMI)”. Technically speaking Read more about All about Underweight. Part 1 or 3.[…]

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