September 16, 2017


Question: I am very thin. How can I build my muscles and gain weight?

Answer: There are a lot of people who are naturally lean and find it difficult to put on weight and gain muscles. Gaining weight and building muscles can be a difficult task, you need to change your eating habits and not entirely depend on protein supplements.

The first thing you need to do is establish a healthy eating pattern with the correct food choices. You have to increase your calorie and protein intake; this can be achieved by eating smaller meals every 2 to 3 hours. Keep healthy snacks handy and learn to make easy to cook meals. Your meals should be rich in carbohydrates which will provide you energy and fuel your muscles, and proteins which will help in muscle growth and repair.

Protein powders do not help if you do not have a nutritious diet. Your diet should have a variety of food items that will give you enough calories, like, lean red and white meat, fish, nuts and seeds, cereals, pasta, bread, fruits, and vegetables.

Once you have set your nutrition plan, then you can add a protein and nutrient rich supplement like Mass Buildo to your diet. The powder will provide you with the extra proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients that will help you to boost your muscles. Use it before and after exercising and as a snack for between meals.

Question: How long will it take for me to gain weight with Mass Buildo?

Answer: Once you start taking Mass Buildo, you will start to see results in approximately 3-4 weeks. However, results vary from person to person. You should continue to take Mass Buildo until you don’t reach your desired goal. Mass Buildo should be taken as recommended on the box.

Question: Does Mass Buildo have any side effects?

Answer: Mass Buildo has no side effects. It is a 100% vegetarian and Ayurvedic product with no chemicals and no steroids. It is made with pure herbal extracts.

Question: Can I take Mass Buildo at bedtime?

Answer: Yes, it will be helpful to take Mass Buildo an hour or two before you go to bed.

Question: What is the prescribed amount of Mass Buildo that I need to take?

Answer: The prescribed dosage for Mass Buildo is two spoons with 250ml of Milk twice a day, every day.

Question: Is Mass Buildo Herbal or Ayurvedic?

Answer: Mass Buildo is a 100% Natural Ayurvedic Supplement.

Question: Can Mass Buildo be used as an energy drink?

Answer: No, Mass Buildo is a mass gainer.

Question: Can Mass Buildo treat any existing medical conditions since it is Ayurvedic?

Answer: Mass Buildo is not intended to cure, diagnose, prevent or treat any diseases.

Question: Is Mass Buildo safe for pregnant and lactating women?

Answer: Mass Buildo is safe; however, we suggest consulting your doctor before consuming Mass Buildo.

Question: Is there any side effect if I stop taking Mass Buildo?

Answer: No there is no side effect. When you have achieved your desired result and stop taking Mass Buildo, we suggest you continue taking a nutritious and protein-rich diet to keep maintaining your muscle mass.

Question: Can I take Mass Buildo with water as well?

Answer: We recommend you take Mass Buildo with Milk for better results; however, water can also be used.

Question: Do I need to exercise even though I am taking Mass Buildo?

Answer: We recommend you continue your training even while taking Mass Buildo as it will enhance your results.

Question: Can I take Mass Buildo if I have any pre-existing conditions like diabetes?

Answer: If you have any pre-existing conditions, we suggest you consult your doctor before taking Mass Buildo.

Question: Can I continue to take Mass Buildo even after I have gained the desired muscle mass?

Answer: Yes, you can continue to take Mass Buildo even after you have achieved enough muscle mass. You can reduce the number of scoops in milk.

Question: How can I be a dealer or franchise of Mass Buildo?

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