Low Muscle Mass among Men : Factors responsible

One of the most important criteria today is Body Image for social acceptance and self-esteem. A lot of emphases is laid on weight, size, and appearance of the physique of a man. Those who are thin wish to add volume to their mass and flex it. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world’s greatest bodybuilder, has influenced quite a number of youngsters. They regularly watch his videos of pumping iron. Although, low muscle mass among men is a common problem, it is every man’s dream to achieve a V-shape body and Abs to flaunt.

However, everyone doesn’t have blessings to have a well-sculpted figure, and there are several reasons for it.

So what are the factors responsible for a skinny physique? Is it only genetic? Can your diet affect your muscle mass? Read more to find your answers.

Low Testosterone to be blamed?

Low Testosterone

The primary hormone that gives men their masculine looks is Testosterone. It makes a huge impact on male characteristics like body, facial hair, bone strength, and deep voice. Testosterone plays a key role in muscle building too. It reacts with nuclear receptors in DNA which causes protein synthesis and develops growth hormone. A Higher level of testosterone means more potential mass strength. If your body has a low level of this hormone, there are more chances of possessing a skinny figure.

Can Genetic disorders be one of the reasons?

Yes, Hypotonia commonly known as floppy baby syndrome is one of the root causes of low muscle tone.  It is not a medical disorder but manifestation of different diseases that affect the muscle strength. A child suffering from hypotonia generally achieves certain physical abilities much later than compared to normal children of the same age. This subsequently leads to low muscle buildup in adult life too.

How does nutrition affect muscle mass?

Muscle building and rebuilding is a lifetime activity as Medical experts claim. Although, low muscle mass among men is a common problem, it is every man’s dream to achieve a V-shape body and Abs to flaunt.. Eating a nutritious diet during childhood and teen years can lay a lot of emphasis on bone and muscle strength. Calcium and Vitamin D are vital nutrients for and bones and muscle development.

protein-food to eat for gaining muscles
protein-food to eat for gaining muscles

Consumption of green leafy vegetables, nuts like almond and walnuts and calcium rich food are essential for bone density. Vitamin D acts as an agent to absorb the calcium from the food and accelerate muscle strength. Plenty of sunshine is the best way to derive Vitamin D. Deficiency in either of the two at an early age can hamper muscle growth later.

Does exercise facilitate the mass building?

If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, having a desk job, no physical exercise regime and consume lots of junk food, then these can cause severe impact on your muscle tone. Muscles are harder to build as we age and in fact, men tend to lose it around the age of 30. Muscle strengthening activities are a must to regain the lost volume.

Any exercise bearing weights can build bone and muscle because such activities force the body to work against gravity. Examples of weight-bearing exercises are plenty, like running, jogging, cycling, swimming, tennis, soccer, and weightlifting.

Can intoxication lead to low mass muscle?

Alcohol and smoking both cause muscle weakness and poor health quality. If you are serious enough regarding bodybuilding, then these two vices can interfere with your plans. To gain real and healthy muscles mass, you need to have proper nutrition. Alcohol is very high in calories, low in nutrition and you become dependent on it. It acts as a barrier to consuming nutrients from the food wholly. If you compare a bodybuilder, who smokes and drinks, the results will be visible.

Can Andropause in later years affect your muscle mass?

Symptoms of Andropause

Andropause is nothing but a male menopause. It is a natural process of ageing and causes several hormonal changes including deficiency in testosterone levels. This, in turn, leads to low bone density, increase in fat accumulation, fatigue, and loss of muscle mass. Men who are nearing andropause suffer from low testosterone, and that leads to lower bone density and muscle tone.

It is also one of the reasons for low muscle mass among men. Anyone of the above factors can lead to decrease in mass muscle and give you a skinny look. However, it is not a serious medical disorder that cannot be treated. Hope this blog was informative about the causes of low muscle mass among men. Do share your comments.

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