All about Underweight. Part 1 or 3.

The word “underweight” is used to depict the human-body weight if underneath the normal weight. While being underweight has many emotional and stress related consequences for any average person, the root cause of underweight is in malfunctioning of your body.

One of the common methods to define Underweight is through “Body Mass Index (BMI)”. Technically speaking if your Body Mass Index is beneath 18.5 it implies that individual is underweight.

Before start worrying about which product to use to Gain weight, let us initially understand how Ayurveda views our the human body; what cause Underweight. The following information may sound too technical, but reading and understanding them will give amazing confidence and knowledge to you.

Fact 1:


Dhatu -One word that creates the entire body

In Ayurvedic terms, Dhatu is the fundamental structural unit  of our body. Dhatu in Ayurveda has seven categories, i.e. seven types of tissues. For a layman, this means :

1) Rasa or Plasma

2) Rakta or Blood

3) Mamsa or Flesh

4) Medas or Adipose

5) Asthi or Bone

6) Majja or Bone Marrow

7) Shukra or Seminal Fluid or Menstrual Fluid

If you are underweight, then you might have challenges in imbalance or underperformance of any of the above Dhatu’s with special focus on Rakta, Medas and Mamsa.

Point No 2:

Dhatu is the final product in your body from what you eat.

Digestion as we all know is the process by which our body gets nutrients and energy to operate our life. The food we eat, no matter what it is, contributes to three primary elements in our body and they are :

  1. Feaces or Waste ( Majority of the Undigested food)
  2. Dhatu or Tissues (Minor Portion of them)
  3. Oja or Immunity ( Small Portion of them)

The point to remember here is the Undigested Food or improper digestion is an indication of improper Digestive system functionality. The Biological Fire i.e. Agni is not operating in its ideal level, is causing toxins or wastes due to indigestion.

If you are underweight, this is the first priority you should have is to regulate and  improve your Digestion process. Hope you are gaining clarity on the primary reason for your underweight.Read our upcoming Blog on understanding how to improve digestive process and make your body gain more muscles /Dhatu.

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